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Gas Commercial Water Heaters


State Commercial Gas Water Heater

State Water HeatersThe Ultra Force™, our most efficient water heater ever delivers higher output with lower input. Features a 96% Thermal Efficiency that will save money on gas bills. When high-quality efficiency is what you’re looking for, the Ultra Force™ will deliver it, year after year. Backed by the solid reputation of State, so you can expect the best.

The first self-cleaning water heater is still the best, with improvements that really make a difference. The Sandblaster® line of commercial gas water heaters feature unique Hydro-Cannon™ technology to keep sediment from settling in the tank, thus keeping it extremely energy efficient at all times. Durable, flexible, and virtually trouble-free. A great long-term investment that will save money, time, and hassles.

Rugged dependability is what makes the State Titan® series so popular. With the kind of quality that only State can deliver, you can rest easy. There’s a model for just about every use. Choose from natural gas, propane gas, or oil. Ideal for all sorts of high-demand installations. Whatever model you choose, it will pay off with years of trouble-free service.

Need to look up model or part numbers? See State Water Heaters website.


Aqua Heater Commercial Gas Water Heater

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Aqua Heaters are custom Water Heaters built to utilize the efficiency of instantaneous while eliminating the flow restrictions. Units range from 50 to 200 gallons of storage with BTU inputs from 180,000 to 760,000. All units are preassembled with Sharkbite fittings, red brass, and L copper. Call with specs for sizing.


Noritz commercial gas water heater

Noritz water heaters

Noritz offers a full-line of compact commercial water heaters for any application.

With stainless steel exterior casing and commercial grade components, Noritz ASME certified commercial tankless hot water heaters are specifically designed to meet the demands of all commercial applications. For heavy-duty industrial use, up to 24 ASME certified tankless models can be linked together with a single system controller, supplying a maximum of 316.8 GPM at 9.1 million BTUs (using the N-1321M model). The copper piping in the unit's heat exchanger is 25% thicker, providing extra durability to help prevent condensation and combat product failure.


FasNSeal® Direct Vent System

The first vent system with a built-in gasket and locking band, designed for high efficiency gas heaters where cool flue gasses are vented under pressure. Each vent length and component features a built-in mechanical locking band and gasket. Parts are simply puched together to a stop bead, which renders the joints air and water tight. By tightening the integrated mechanical locking band, parts are fastened together in seconds. FasNSeal® can be taken apart and reassembled in minutes, making inspection, maintenance or rerouting of FasNSeal® systems a breeze!

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