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Gas Residential Water Heaters


State Residential Gas Water Heater

State Water HeatersThe Premier® self-cleaning gas water heater offers high efficiency and a compact design that makes installation easy. The Premier® Power-Vent models feature 90% thermal efficiency for a nonstop supply of hot water. Its advanced design ensures that you always get “one more hot shower” when you need it.

The State Select® line of gas water heaters offers a broad range of quality water heaters to meet your needs. The Select® family includes high efficiency and high output models, power vent, power direct vent and direct vent models, and manufactured housing models. For quality and dependability and a wide range of choices, there’s a Select® that’s right for every home!

Need to look up model or part numbers? See State Water Heaters website.


Aqua Heater Residential Gas Water Heater

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Replace most large volume and multi-unit setups with one Aqua Heater. When gas line size or roof penetrations are an issue, Aqua Heater is your answer!


Noritz residential gas water heater

Noritz water heaters

With a Noritz tankless water heater you will get an endless supply of hot water. Tankless water heaters heat water on demand, and that means you never have to worry about running out of hot water. Imagine the luxury of always having enough hot water for everyone to enjoy and relax - hot tubs, showers and still have an endless supply for the rest of your household needs.

With a Noritz tankless water heater, you'll save energy and thus, money. Our on-demand systems require no pilot light and can save about half the cost of your current water heating bill since there is no re-heating of water as with traditional water heaters. Compared to a tank water heater's 60% efficiency, an 83%-94% energy-efficiency levels make Noritz tankless water heaters much more eco-friendly.

Need to look up a model or part number? See the Noritz website!


FasNSeal® Direct Vent System

The first vent system with a built-in gasket and locking band, designed for high efficiency gas heaters where cool flue gasses are vented under pressure. Each vent length and component features a built-in mechanical locking band and gasket. Parts are simply puched together to a stop bead, which renders the joints air and water tight. By tightening the integrated mechanical locking band, parts are fastened together in seconds. FasNSeal® can be taken apart and reassembled in minutes, making inspection, maintenance or rerouting of FasNSeal® systems a breeze!

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