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Specialty Items

Protect Your Investment with an Air Conditioning or Backflow Unit Security Cage

Protect your AC unit from theft or vandalism!

Theft of air conditioning units has increased dramatically with the increase in value of copper and other component materials. Thieves don't discriminate! Unprotected units at churches, businesses or residences are all at risk. Theft and vandalism leads to increases in insurance premiums and anxiety as well as decreases in property values. Protect your air conditioner unit with one of our custom-made air conditioner protectors from Southern States Welding.

Features heavy duty security, American Lock for maximum security, completely removable frame for easy servicing. Painted with industrial enamel paint. Easy installation with use of concrete bolts or 1/2 leveling legs. Call for pricing.

Security cageSecurity Cage

Aqua Backflow Protectors

Protect your backflow unit from theft or vandalism!

Our Aqua Backflow Protectors feature hinged tops for easy access, Master Locks for maximum security, and 1/2" leveling legs with 2" angle on the bottom. Painted with industrial enamel paint. Easy installation: 4" post holes, 10" deep. If your size is not available in stock, don't worry! We'll custom make a unit for any size. Call for pricing.


Eliminate hard water scale forever with ClearWave™

The ClearWave-HD heavy duty water conditioner eliminates scale buildup and prevents new scale from forming. No plumbing required, no salts or chemicals, easy installation, economical to operate!

SharkBite products

SharkBite® Connection System by Cash Acme

Lightning fast - won't let go!

Connects Copper, CPVC and PEX pipe in any combination. No soldering, clamps, unions or glue. Certified to 200 PSI and 200 F. Approved for use underground and behind walls without access panels.



KWIK VENT is a non-mechanical device used to eliminate roof penetrations from plumbing vents and room exhaust vents. By eliminating roof penetrations, you also eliminate roof leaks, water damage, and guard against Toxic Mold all while beautifying the home.


Metlund® D'MAND® System

The Metlund® D'MAND® System is designed to move the hot water from your most remote fixture on D'MAND within seconds! At the push of a button, the cool water you normally let run down the drain is circulatedack to the water heater through the cold water line. The D'MAND® System costs less than $1.00 a year to operate! Works extremely well with tankless gas and electric water heaters. By using a Metlund® D'MAND® System with your tankless water heater, the national average estimated annual savings is $200.00 or more! Energy Star credit - life expectancy of 15-20 years - operates with tankless or tank water heaters.


FasNSeal® Direct Vent System

The first vent system with a built-in gasket and locking band, designed for high efficiency gas heaters where cool flue gasses are vented under pressure. Each vent length and component features a built-in mechanical locking band and gasket. Parts are simply puched together to a stop bead, which renders the joints air and water tight. By tightening the integrated mechanical locking band, parts are fastened together in seconds. FasNSeal® can be taken apart and reassembled in minutes, making inspection, maintenance or rerouting of FasNSeal® systems a breeze!

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